Visual Art Programs

Yellow Wood Academy offers visual art programs that teach theory, design, and creation. Our students can hone in on a favorite medium or try new mediums. They will learn how to approach art as a formal study and as a form of self expression.

Art Theory

  • Art as Self Expression

  • Art Exploration

  • Elementary Art Beginnings

  • Middle School Art

  • Art History

Digital Art

  • Video Production

  • Digital Design

  • Photography

Fine Arts Mediums

  • Ceramics

  • Oil Painting

  • Sculpture

  • Watercolor

  • Drawing

  • Fabric Arts


Visual Expression

“Yellow Wood Academy's art program is very flexible. We design our classes around each student's interests and needs. We teach the elements and principles of art and introduce students to media and techniques in ways that work for them. Our program also includes skills that can be applied in all parts of life, like collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

“We encourage our students to bring their ideas and interests into class with them. Some students are creating original characters and working on graphic novels while others want to make costumes or learn to paint. Whether students want to learn to draw or experiment and explore new materials every day, we craft the program around them with one-on-one and small group classes. 

I love that our students can learn more about themselves and build relationships with each other in the art room. It is great to see students surprise themselves with their progress and the art they can create, and it is wonderful to see them encourage and inspire each other.”

- Adrienne, Art Department Lead



Performance Art Programs

Yellow Wood Academy highly values our Performance Art Department. We encourage students to study drama, music, and production with us to round out a complete education.

Our music program is powered by professional musicians with two studios where students take lessons, record podcasts & albums, and practice in cooperative rock bands.


  • Introduction to Improv

  • History of Theater

  • Acting & Staging

Music Performance

  • Rock Band

  • Guitar

  • Drums

  • Keyboard

  • Big Band Instruments

  • Vocals

Music Production

  • Audio Production

  • Electronic Music Composition

  • Audio Engineering


Musical Expression

“Music programs at Yellow Wood Academy empower students to create their own music and discover their artistic voice. We offer personalized songwriting, music production, and instrument lessons for aspiring musicians of all skill levels. Whether you want to learn to play an instrument or produce your own music, we have something for you. 

Our music production students use industry standard digital audio workstations, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live. Students can learn about composition, sound design, MIDI sequencing, audio recording, drum programming, mixing and mastering, and live performance. 

At Yellow Wood Academy, we value our students’ musical preferences. We believe they get the most out of learning through songs and genres that they enjoy. Yellow Wood Academy’s music program facilitates self discovery, creativity, and expression with individually tailored music curricula.”

- Jamie & Nathaniel , Music Teachers



Applied Technology Programs

The bedrock of our Applied Technology and Engineering classes is the Stanford Design Principles which teaches our students how to develop their own projects, whether they are 3D Printing project, textile works, software engineering, or geometric laser cutting. Our students use our Makerspace to learn 21st century problem-solving and be ready for a modern workforce.

Design Thinking

  • Introduction to Design Thinking

  • Intermediate Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking Capstone

  • 3D Printing & CADing

  • Laser Cutting

  • Lego Robotics

  • Advanced Robotics

Computer Science

  • Computer Hardware

  • Introduction to Programming

  • Advanced Programming

  • Programming Language Specialization

Integrated Engineering for Everyone

“The Applied Technology Department is where students of all ages can design and create projects in our Makerspace. Students can design a project, write code, prototype models, and then use our 3D printers, laser cutters, robotics or any of our other technologies to bring their ideas to life.

“Technology is becoming ubiquitous in our society and having even a little bit of experience with programming can mean wonders for students' futures. Our programming classes include popular languages like Java and Python where our students learn how to use programming languages as well as how to think programmatically and how to optimize their code for peak code execution efficiency.

We want students to learn the massive potential of technology and take that knowledge with them for the rest of their lives.”

- Michael, Applied Technology Teacher