At Yellow Wood Academy, we believe that students thrive with opportunities for hands-on learning, collaboration, and real life experiences. That’s why we build camps, clubs, and field trips into our curriculum.

One of our students enjoying herself during our All-School Event, The Garden Party.

One of our students enjoying herself during our All-School Event, The Garden Party.

Clubs & School Activities

Time to build friendships and develop social skills is of huge importance. So we build in time in every day for students to spend together, developing their interests and making social connections. We have clubs, like Lego Club, Art Club, Music Club, and Current Events Discussion (just to name a few) where students can meet other people who like the same things they do. Twice a week we have Homeroom too where students can be with other people and work on projects together, talk about difficult challenges, and engage in school life. Even though many of our classes are one-on-one our students still have lots of time every day to hang out with each other, work collaboratively on projects, and make friends.

Aside from our daily group activities, we also love to get all our of students together for larger, All-School Events. Some of our most popular events were International Day, where our students made projects to display the cultures and food of different countries, STEAM Fair, where student students showed off their knowledge of Science, Math, Tech, and Art, and our Fall Potluck, where families get together and share food and friendship. But our most popular activity is our annual end of the year trip to Luther Burbank park for Field Day where we have fun, play games, and celebrate the coming summer. Activities like these help us develop a stronger sense of community.




Twice a year, we take middle and high school students for an overnight stay at Camp Sealth on Vashon Island. While at camp, they problem solve and build friendships while doing archery, making camp fires, learning about local marine life, and exploring the island.


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Field Trips

At Yellow Wood Academy we love it when we can find chances to expand our students’ learning beyond our walls and experience the world. Many times throughout the year, our students get opportunities to take their learning off campus!

Shown in the photo to the left is their sleep-over trip to the Museum of Flight where they got to engineer a rocket, pilot an aircraft simulator, & learn about the history of air exploration. On the right is one of our seniors showing off the clay pot he painted on a field trip to a ceramics studio.